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 Spanish vibe in Paris. This extraordinary penthouse with views of the Eiffel Tower, was renovated in clear Spanish style by a French and Spanish family, in love with the Costa Blanca region. In this apartment, at the seventh floor of a typical nineteenth century Parisian building, white walls, ceilings and floors become backdrops for contemporary silhouettes in red-and-black. 


Bold colours go hand-in-hand with the polished aesthetics of the furniture. Each piece has a unique silhouette, from the Sumo coffee table by Emmemobili to the carpet by Parentesi Quadra, which was tailor made for the interior design store Pepe Cabrera.


We are in the 16th arrondissement, the beautiful residential neighbourhood on the north-west outskirts of the city, which is one of the most desirable real estate markets of the capital. The new owners wanted a Spanish vibe in their home. The interior looks as if it were inspired by the flamenco costumes and theatrical sets. Rounded silhouettes, bright colours and sharp contrasts, which are both dramatic and ironic, design a fresh home full of vital energy.


In the foreground, the glass coffee table designed by Roberta Palomba for Poltrona Frau and in the background, the open-plan kitchen with large central island.


And in an effort to bring their Spanish life back with them, our couple turned to Pepe Cabrera, their trusted interior design store in Denia, between Valencia and Alicante on the Costa Blanca. In fact, all the furniture in this 130 sqm apartment, where our parents live with their kids, has travelled the 1500 km, which stretch from the French capital to the Spanish coastline. Under the watchful eye of Parisian architect Debizet, a desired balance between elegance, freshness and harmony has finally been achieved. 


A small study with glass bookcase

A glass bookcase defines a small study and in this way, natural light fills the entire corridor. At the end of the corridor, bedrooms and bathroom.

A breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower from the bedroom. Here, too, white-and-black in juxtaposition to the chequered carpet by Parentesi Quadra.


The city of Paris, with its solid historic roots, is always open to new and different cultural influences. This is why we love it so. In the 19th century, Baron Haussmann turned the old medieval town into the beautiful metropolis we know today. Since then, Paris has accepted and integrated different cultural influences, which have helped to increase its beauty. And this apartment as a small example of this trend. Here, a warm southern wind has recharged a historic building, bringing together the philosophies of France and Spain, two neighboring countries which are at the same time, very near and very different.



Design project

Renovation and interior design of a penthouse apartment

Location: Paris, France
Client: private
Floors: one, seventh floor
Size: 130 square metres

Interior design project: Architecture Station, arch. M. Debizet
Furniture sourcing and consultation service: Pepe Cabrera, Cami de La Bota 13, on the corner of Partida Negrals 11, Dénia, Spain
Tel: +34 (0) 96 578 07 70 

Email: info@pepecabrera.com


Photos: Courtesy Pepe Cabrera

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