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functional open-plan kitchen, which is the heart of the home and the same time it doesn't stand out. This is what our couple, owners of a city-centre apartment in Berlin, Germany, was looking for. And it was up to the team of interior design store Dopo_Domani to deliver this. Our two forty-year-old creative professionals had a very clear idea of what they were looking for and most importantly, they weren’t ready to compromise. The apartment had to be right in the centre of town, in a period building with historic charm, previously renovated and with all mod-cons and what’s more, not directly facing another building, but instead looking over a pretty courtyard with a bit of green. This was no easy feat, especially in a city like Berlin, but in the end they found exactly what they were looking for.


Streamlined kitchen and a row of windows, looking into the courtyard of an old dairy plant. Twelve kitchen Varenna Poliform.


We are in a quiet little street in Mitte, central Berlin, in an old dairy plant, now safeguarded by the department responsible for protecting historical buildings. Throughout the years, it was also used to the store props of an important local theatre. These days, the entire compound, built with red and yellow bricks, has been fully refurbished, modernized and split into comfortable apartments.


The original restored slatted oak floor. Walls are part rendered and part in white-washed exposed brickwork. Metal chairs by French brand Tolix, Gras lamps by DCW.

Varenna kitchen and od wooden dining table

In the centre, a large upcycled dining table adds a note of colour to a spotless kitchen.


This crisp space is true to the building’s industrial past. The old slatted oak floor has been restored, windows have been replaced with new energy efficient frames, and walls and ceiling have been part rendered and part whitewashed, where the brickwork was sound. The open-plan kitchen opens up onto a large living room. Two large counters in white, one wall-mounted unit and a freestanding breakfast bar; they blend in with the surrounding décor. Instead of conventional shelves, a wooden cupboard matches the large antique dining table in the centre. Simplicity is apparent, in fact every single piece is a bespoke design.


Twelve bespoke kitchen by Varenna Poliform

Crisp detailing of the Twelve bespoke kitchen by Varenna Poliform. Handle-less laminate fronts in Soft-Touch matt white. The slim-line counter top is in polished steel.


From dairy plant, to prop warehouse and finally, a chic minimalist home. This building is deep in history, something our owners are fully aware of and in fact, it’s the main reason they chose to live here. With sensitivity, they have managed to bring together period living with hi-technology, a space where modernity lives in harmony with the building’s industrial past. 



Design project

Open-plan kitchen and living room in an old refurbished dairy plant.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Floors: ground floor


Interior design project and kitchen design:

RUBY designliving GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany
Julie-Wolfthorn-Str. 1
Tel: 0049 (0)30 639 68 73-30
Email: letter@ruby-designliving.de

in cooperation with con: 
Poliform Varenna Berlin
Torstr. 149, Berlin, Germany
Tel: 0049 (0) 30 40055923
Email: mail@poliform-varenna-berlin.de


Courtesy Thomas Rosenthal for RUBY design_living

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