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ight in the centre of Matera, southern Italy, the new apartment for a growing family in need of more space has gone from being a simple interior design project to the expression of the owner’s creativity. Working with a team of expert professionals, the studio ASP Progetti with the designer Salvatore Abruzzese, and the showroom Quartarella that specialises in interior finishes, the owner has created a home that represents her great sense for aesthetics as well as her clear and sharp character. so.


wallpaper inkiostro bianco

Huge jugs, bottles, coffee pots and glasses create a surreal effect. This dramatic effect ironically questions the expected relationship between things.


In a mix of ‘60s and yesteryear, faint old world charm and unflinching modernity, amazing decorative walls come to life thanks to a juxtaposition of different geometric shapes and colours that create contrasts, harmonies as well as unexpected twists.


The feature wall pushes the cooking area into the background, focusing the attention on the dining area.

The kitchen is the biggest surprise, the undisputed kingdom of the everyday creativity of the lady of the house. Here, the feature wall is decorated from floor-to-ceiling with huge coffee pots, jugs, bottles etc.; this radically changes the perception of the space. All of a sudden, the central table and its chairs seem small, the wall on the opposite side pales by comparison and the room seems wider than its four-meter width. The minimalist design that focuses on white and anthracite is in juxtaposition with the wooden elements such as the oak floor, the breakfast bar, the shelves and the chair legs, for an overall warm and soothing effect. 

White moka wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco.

relax in the living room. Sofa by Jaime CasaDesùs

The living room has a warm and welcoming vibe. The wooden panelling on the wall and the floor inlay similar to a carpet create an intimate feel, ideal for a relaxing living room. Jaime sofa CasaDesùs.


The living room is on the opposite side of the apartment. There are two glass sliding doors that separate it from the kitchen; this allows the light to cross from one side to the other of the apartment. The colours change in this area, the space feels warmer and more intimate thanks to the wooden panelling on the walls that visually connects to the floor. Opposite the sofa, an inlay with hexagonal tiles replaces a standard carpet.


The oak flooring is treated in an open-pore water-based finish. The wooden pendant lamps are Danish designs from the ‘60s; the coffee table is by Giorgetti. Leon sideboard by Horm.

Behind the bed in the master bedroom, the same wooden inlay as the living room.

Behind the bed in the master bedroom, the same wooden inlay as the living room.

The bathroom tiles in several shades by Quartarella

The same type of flooring is used throughout the entire home, the bathrooms too. The bathroom tiles in several shades of brown recall the hexagonal wooden inlay.


The great attention paid to every single detail has resulted in a light-filled, elegant and sophisticated apartment, as well as warm and welcoming. The furniture, wooden panelling, wallpaper, colours, finishes and details contribute towards the sensational colour palette of the home. This project is a striking example of how wall and floor finishes can transform the overall character of the space, adding a unique personal touch to your home.



Design project

Renovation of a city apartment

Matera, Italia

Interior materials sourcing:
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Quartarella  - Finiture d’Interni
Via Matera Km 2,980 - Altamura (BA), Italia

Tel: 00 39 080 31 65 211
Email: info@quartarella.it

Interior design project:  
ASP Progetti, Gravina in Puglia, Matera, Italia

Clam Costruzioni srl Matera


Courtesy Quartarella Finiture d’Interni
Credits Pierangelo Laterza

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