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The Bosco Verticale in Milan, luxury comforts and breathtaking views

| Designbest editorial staff


ave you ever been so starstruck by a building to have asked yourself: “I wonder what it’s like to live here?” Without a doubt, people who pass by the Bosco Verticale (lit. vertical forest) in Milan have asked themselves the same question. In fact, if you take a stroll in the recently opened Giardini di Porta Nuova public park, a stone’s throw away from both the building in question and the Isola neighbourhood, your attention will be surely grabbed by this: two impressive-looking skyscrapers designed by Studio Boeri (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra). And we find the sleekness of the architecture and the lush green terraces to be almost hypnotic.

With over 1.000 different types of plants, the Bosco Verticale represents an exciting new concept for urban living. Plus, its luxury comforts have been an instant crowd pleaser. In fact, the Bosco Verticale has already received international acclaim, being recognised as one of the most innovative buildings of recent years.  

It’s clear they are luxury apartments (they are priced around fifteen thousand Euros per sqm), however we are still extremely curious to know what lies within. And we couldn’t hold back any longer, so we went to take a look inside.

In the two glass skyscrapers with breathtaking views over the city of Milan, 27 apartments have been decorated with pieces by Molteni and Dada, two top Italian interior design brands. This apartment on the 22nd floor, designed by Matteo Nunziati, serves as an example.

From the moment you step inside, the chic vibe of this building is apparent; this brings together a delicately nuanced colour scheme and the subtle detailing of the glass walls. In each apartment, style rules are laid down by the natural light which floods the space.

Molteni Dada Bosco Verticale

A light-filled living room with a soothing neutral colour scheme: dark timber accents, textiles in ecru and different shades of white and grey, detailing in clear glass.

In the light-filled living room, furniture with a simple and clean line (standouts are: Fortepiano wall system, Grado cabinets by Ron Gilad, Graduate bookcase by Jean Nouvel).


Tivalì kitchen by Dada is set in a space where function reigns supreme: a compact bespoke design, which, even when space is it a premium, has a central island with everything you could possibly need.

Molteni Dada Bosco Verticale
Molteni&C Who

Tivalì kitchen by Dada, seen from the dining table

When the kitchen is not in use, fronts which slide into the structure turn it into a white monolith. In this way, it becomes an integral part of the dining room, which opens up onto the living room. Who chairs by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Molteni Dada Bosco Verticale

A detail of the kitchen with central island and Hi-Line 6 hood, both designed Ferruccio Laviani.


Instead, the bedroom quarter is an extremely intimate space with a soothing urban-chic vibe. A space which brings together comfort and tactile details, like the Night&Day bed by Patricia Urquiola, which with its curved headboard ushers in a good night’s sleep; the Gliss Master wardrobe by Vincent Van Duysen, both refined and functional.

Molteni Dada Bosco Verticale
Molteni&C Gliss Master
Molteni&C Night&Day

Bedroom with a view of the living room.


However, it’s essentially the terrace with its lush trees and shrubs, what turns each apartment into an amazing luxury nest. In fact, as soon as you step out onto the terrace, you’ll find yourself in an extraordinary setting with views of the skyline of the city of Milan. There’s also an extraordinary view of the surrounding public gardens with playground, open spaces for chatting and many little restaurants and bars where you can stop for a bight to eat.


  • The Bosco Verticale complex, Studio Boeri, Centro Direzionale Milano, Isola, Milan, Italy
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