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| Designbest editorial staff


urniture is portable, you can rearrange it and it comes with you whenever you move. In fact, this project focuses on how your furniture can fit in a new home. In this case, our charming French family has lived in three different homes and their furniture has always accompanied their every move. Here, we take a look at their current home and a previous apartment.


In our family’s current home, we find the same pieces they had previously, as well as several new additions. Here, open plan kitchen and dining room with table by Le Corbusier (Cassina).

an open-plan kitchen, as well as light furniture and timber flooring

Similarly, their previous apartment had an open-plan kitchen, as well as light furniture and timber flooring.


We are in Nyon, Switzerland, a stone’s throw away from cosmopolitan Geneva, a renowned VIP destination, but better-known as the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) and many other international organizations, which employ our two home owners.

Nyon is a charming and peaceful old town on the shores of Lake Geneva or Lac Léman in French, which is the official language of this part of Switzerland. This sliver of land worms its way in the transalpine territories, also the setting of the first phase of Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul, described in his De Bello Gallico.

At the end of the living room and behind the breakfast bar by Bulthaup, panels slide over wall-to-wall storage with integrated appliances and hide it completely. Timber flooring and soft diffused lights add a warm cozy vibe to the space.


This story begins when, as a young couple, our owners started furnishing their first apartment. Helped by a clear aesthetic sense, they instantly went for the great design classics, especially pieces by Le Corbusier, a great passion of theirs. When their first son was born they moved to a bigger apartment and when a second child arrived, they bought a proper home, still in the city but arranged over three floors, with plenty of room for everyone. 


Exposed roof beams open up the space. To the right, floor-to-ceiling glazing opposite the garden, which also clads the entire building façade.

in the background, sofa by B&B Italia

A partition with built-in storage separates living room from children’s bedroom. Right-hand side, in the background, sofa by B&B Italia.

Since the beginning, the entire scheme revolved around a furniture set designed by Le Corbusier and reissued by Cassina as part of the I Maestri collection. Timeless classics which suit any decor.

Bed Demetra by Maxalto and wardrobes by Molteni
Molteni Storage system 505

Master bedroom with double bed (Demetra by Maxalto); this room has plenty of wardrobe space, the whole scheme is by Molteni.


Three homes, three renovation projects, but the same furniture collection, which gradually grew as time passed. Interiors designed in partnership with the couple’s architect and furnished in consultation with interior design store Casadesign (a few kilometers away in France). Both interiors share a contemporary elegant style; this forms a pure and serene environment, also extremely welcoming. This is a home fit for aesthetes, inspired by the colours and the tranquility of the great lake, where our couple is lucky enough to live. 



Design project

Renovation of a single family home in the city 

Location: Nyon, Switzerland
Floors: 3

Interior design and furniture sourcing:
Casa Design, 
1630 Rue de Gex, Maconnex,
01210 Ferney Voltaire, France

Tel: 0033 (0) 4 50 42 33 33
Email: info@casadesign.fr


Credits Pierre Yves Dhinaut 
Courtesy Casa Design

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