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A freestanding island, the new convivial kitchen

The real heart of this kitchen is a large central island that includes a food preparation area, hob and sink...

Outdoor Special #20

Outdoor special: news and tips for the outdoors

As always, summer goes along with relaxing and a desire for vacation. The home opens its door to idleness and conviviality; the sitting room moves outdoors; the table is full of color and joy; and chairs, daybeds, lamps, carpets and pillows chase after one another—inside and outside—in order to create an infinite number of comfy oases.


Ayana by B&B Italia, the new outdoor series between East and West

B&B Italia, the Italian brand leader in contemporary furniture design, broadens its horizons to the outdoors with Ayana...


Rafael by Ethimo, a new outdoor seating series with an exotic taste

Ethimo’s latest outdoor collection, Rafael represents a blend of exotic taste and natural beauty. Besides, it interprets the contemporary taste by creating a sophisticated, eclectic oasis that cradles you as a nest.


Cruise Alu Collection: nautical synergy outdoors

Light aluminum and super-resistant synthetic rope, Cruise Alu is a practical, stripped-down and elegant collection inspired by the nautical world and designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.


A summer outdoors with Pedrali

It’s summertime and the joy of spending long days comfortably sit-ting in the garden or on the terrace is a natural consequence of a winter and spring spent in lockdown.