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BEST of February #19… Our picks

With the first rays of sun, you instantly think of Spring as well as refreshing your style, whether it’s inside or outside the home.


Welcoming and simple, a Berlin attic apartment in Scandinavian style

”Let’s remove the superfluous and see what we actually need”. This owner’s observation gave life to the interior design of a welcoming attic apartment in Scandinavian style, decorated with iconic pieces from the fifties.


An elegant bathroom in black-and-white

A clean and simple aesthetic with a few distinctive features: the bathroom is transformed from an intimate, secluded space into one that takes its cues from the living room.


Tape by Moroso, build your own living room

An authentic construction inspired by fashion, technology and sustainability; this is the latest “do it yourself” living room. Extremely innovative, you arrange its blocks to create endless living room schemes.

World of accessories

Coromandel by Fornasetti, dreamy furniture that brings nature to the home

A desk, a lamp, a nightstand, a chair, a magazine rack and trays; they are the pieces that equally pay a tribute to Piero Fornasetti and represent an ode to nature...

Kitchen Special #19

The kitchen special: a new form of conviviality from the hob to the table

Elegant kitchen islands in marble, fully-equipped cupboards, cutting edge hoods and convivial breakfast bars with a simple aesthetic...

Best Choice

Kitchen utensils: the latest designs

Kitchen utensils are essential items, although we often feel obliged to (as the lack appeal) keep them well hidden in drawers or in the darkest corners of the kitchen...


Lullaby by Elica, a new kitchen hood for your living room

A wooden shelf that crowns the cooking area, recessed lighting for the perfect mood. The new exposed kitchens focus on simple yet characterful details...

Materials and innovations

Circle, Guzzini’s sustainable cycle

The inspiration came to the designers Pio and Tito Toso: to upcycle the plastic crates from the Tidy&Store range (that Guzzini manufactures in several colours and sizes), to create a glamorous object that’s entirely sustainable too...

Best Choice

A kitchen–non–kitchen: 10 ideas to integrate the kitchen in the living room

The kitchen has increasingly become an integral part of the living room, a sole space to share with family and friends. The latest pieces for the living room and the kitchen harmoniously complement each other, they are mixed with and enhance each other too.