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Cersaie #19 Special

Cersaie 2019: all the events and updates from the world of bathrooms and tiles

Cersaie, a top international fair in the field of bathrooms and tiles, puts on display the best products and collections for 2019 that include designs for indoors, outdoors, bathrooms and home spas...


Cersaie 2019 increasingly more Open

From the 23rd to the 27th September 2019, as every year, the city of Bologna acts as a host to Cersaie, the most important international fair in the field of bathrooms and tiles.

Cersaie #19 Special

Famous Bathrooms. From dream to reality, celebrity bathrooms

From the Beatles to Coco Chanel, from Le Corbusier to Leonardo da Vinci, from Piet Mondrian to Maria Callas and Sigmund Freud: there’s an exciting new exhibition inspired by the bathrooms of famous personalities.

Cersaie #19 Special

Costruire, Abitare, Pensare. Culture as a way to understand the present

Now in its eleventh edition, Costruire, Abitare, Pensare (lit. Building, Dwelling, Thinking) successfully pursues the cultural programme of Cersaie.

Cersaie #19 Special

Archincont(r)act, large scale projects take centre stage at Cersaie

More than tiles and bathrooms. During this edition and increasingly more so in the future, Cersaie aims to expand its sphere of influence, exploring all the opportunities that large scale projects are able to offer.

Materials and innovations

Copper, a material that looks towards the future

Ductile, recyclable, elegant as well as antibacterial: copper has endless physical, chemical and mechanical properties and as a result, it’s found in a diverse range of fields...

Cersaie #19 Special

Città della Posa, an innovative workshop for tillers

Now in its eighth edition and held at the pavilion n 31A, Città della Posa provides Italian as well as international tillers with innovative technical training.

Cersaie #19 Special

Reserve a design consultation with Cersaie Disegna la tua Casa!

Without a doubt, the fair’s visitors have been impatiently waiting for another edition of: Cersaie Disegna la tua Casa (lit. Cersaie designs your home).


Wood and a dark colour palette: elegance in the kitchen

A large space with central island and floor-to-ceiling storage: the kitchen mixes elegance, functionality and sharp shapes to redesign conviviality’s space with a new allure.

World of accessories

Hybrid Collection by Tal Batit Studio, vases that combine the past with the future

Combine ancient Greek or Roman pottery with colourful vases in a distinctive contemporary style. Does this idea seem too risky?