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Nighttime Special #20

Nighttime special: perfect style for dreaming

Comfortable, welcoming, intimate and chic: when we think about the bedroom, we like to imagine a welcoming and private room; however, we also want one that is elegant, spacious, well-organized, inventive and, most of all, made just for us.

Best Choice

Beds embrace elegance

Whether austere, soft, bold or discrete, the new queen-sized beds play with minimalist shapes and exquisite materials to create undeniably elegant bedtime style...

Best Choice

Bedroom: 7 pieces that have us dreaming

In the bedroom we certainly cannot give up on privacy, comfort and intimacy—and neither on style. For this we have chosen a few special pieces...

Materials and innovations

Clean air in the wardobe: Air Cleaning System by Lema

To protect our health and day-to-day well-being from indoor pollution, this wardrobe takes on a new role. It changes from a simple container and becomes an active instrument, a sort of filter capable of purifying the air and contents inside.


A bedroom aspiring to wellness

The keyword here is wellness. This bedroom turns into a private oasis that transforms every piece of furniture into a personalized caress.


Aero V, the on-the-go coat rack

A discrete, elegant and almost immaterial “butler” allows us to serenely start the day with everything in perfect order.


White + wood: a soothing bedroom in Scandinavian style

Inspired by Scandinavian-style, the latest bedroom décor has a simple aesthetic, a soothing colour palette and natural materials.

2019 Christmas Special

Christmas Special 2019: the gift of design

December, the time of gift-giving. The festivities are drawing nearer and, as with every year, we have some ideas for you to place under the tree. From timeless design icons to new releases that will make you fall in love at first sight...