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2017 Christmas Special

2017 Christmas Special: my gift is... design

We’re at it again: it’s time to be thinking of Christmas presents. This year, our list is a lengthy one: presents for the near and dear ones, special gifts for friends, little things for colleagues and our personal wishlist of course...

World of accessories

XMAS_DR by Riva 1920, the Christmas tree in scented cedar wood

Still looking for original and shiny Christmas decorations? You can stop now. This year, there’s no need to decorate your Christmas tree as it’s an exclusive object, high in design value...

World of accessories

Design Decors Design by Porro, the textile series illustrated with design icons

Design Decors Design by Porro, the textile series illustrated with design icons Five graphic patterns, a powder colour palette and several splashes of bright shades; this is Design Decors Design by Porro in brief.

World of accessories

Minù by eKoala, vegetal cashmere for kids

Vegetal cashmere. Yes, that’s right: the extremely sought-after and warm cashmere yarn is now available in a new sustainable version. What is it made of? Minù by eKoala is made from the cellulose of white fir trees...

Table settings

Circus magic on the Christmas table

Gold, silver and red are the colours traditionally linked to Christmas and they look great on the table. But, you don’t necessarily have to comply with traditional decorations and patterns.


Alias by Giorgetti, the stylish punching bag

Are you familiar with the sporty-luxe style that’s all the rage at the moment? It has now translated to the world of interiors. Alias by Giorgetti is the perfect example, a punching bag in line with the sporty-luxe trend. And actually, Alias by Giorgetti is extremely high in design value, just like the perfect Christmas present should be like.

Best Choice

Christmas gift ideas: for kids and grownups too

Wooden marionettes, a rocking horse, toy cars and stuffed animals: your mind automatically goes to the world of toys when think of kids’ presents. However, to avoid the obvious, once again we’ve relied on design, so we’ve chosen fun pieces with a touch of irony.


50 candles for Coupé by Oluce

Happy Birthday to Coupé! The Coupé lamp was first designed half a century ago, in 1967 to be more precise, by Joe Colombo for Oluce. In conjunction with this occasion (and Christmas too), Coupé will be available in an exciting new limited edition.