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2017 Christmas Special

2017 Christmas Special: my gift is... design

| Designbest editorial staff


ur personal wishlist

We’re at it again: it’s time to be thinking of Christmas presents. This year, our list is a lengthy one: presents for near and dear ones, special gifts for friends, little things for colleagues and our personal wishlist of course.

Actually, this Christmas for a change, we’ve decided to put ourselves first before others. So, we’ve added to our Christmas list all those pieces we’ve been longing for quite some time now and that we’d love to find under our Christmas tree. This is what we have: many practical ideas, pieces we’ve fallen in love with, “must have” accessories that we cannot possibly do without and a few fun little gems guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Check-out our Christmas list, perhaps between different ideas and inspirations, you’ll find the right Christmas present... And we hope that Father Christmas will take a cue from us too! 

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