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Speciale Homi settembre 2017

Seen at HOMI 2017: new ideas for autumn

| Designbest editorial staff


gain this year, browsing through decorations and tiny accessories, we’ve picked our favourite home decor trends from HOMI September 2017.

This is what has made the cut: the iconic fruit bowl by Ettore Sottsass, a cocktail shaker shaped like a Russian nesting doll, a pendant-shaped nutcracker, a large scale dropper that acts as a dispenser for liquor and a fragrant air freshener.

These are our favourites: because they’re original, practical and cosy (in other words ultra-welcoming). A taste of the trends to come, just like the prototypes we’ve seen on show. For a dynamic and stylish home, all-embracing like a warm hug and always open to conviviality. 

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