Outdoor Special #20

Outdoor special: news and tips for the outdoors

| Designbest editorial staff


s always, summer goes along with relaxing and a desire for vacation. The home opens its door to idleness and conviviality; the sitting room moves outdoors; the table is full of color and joy; and chairs, daybeds, lamps, carpets and pillows chase after one another—inside and outside—in order to create an infinite number of comfy oases.

This new style of life mixes the liveliness of the summer months with the silent pleasure of intimacy. While the latest furniture hints at a new open-air mood, in the garden and on the terrace, umbrellas, pergolas and gazebos pop up and the balcony gets filled with greenery and small space-saving accessories to give a new twist to city life.

Check out our special. With weatherproof proposals, tricks for furnishing outdoor spaces, lights that create the perfect atmosphere and must-haves to put in a backpack on daytrips, you will find the new releases and recommendations for living the fairest of seasons in the name of design.

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