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The kitchen island, elegance en bloc

A square and monolithic island in the center of the kitchen acts a cooking area and a dining room, interpreting the art of cooking with a touch of practical elegance.


K-Link by Faber, the automated kitchen

Faber’s new, 100% Italian hobs are revolutionizing the kitchen. Entirely made in their Sassoferrato factory, these induction hobs are intelligent and state-of-the-art systems capable of communicating with the hood...


Dike by Maxalto, the bed that embraces us

The ideal bedroom must be enveloping, intimate, sophisticated and regal. In short, it must be as dreamy as this bed with its theatrical backdrop that turns the sleeping area into the perfect stage for rest and relaxation.


Comforting charm in the bedroom

Iridescent hues, smoky gray tones and graphical accents create a bedroom with delicate, enveloping and comforting elegance.


Pure air at Faber

Their names are K-Air, T-Shelf, Inside Up and Skylift and they are the brand-new hoods made in-house by Faber Spa. Innovative and state-of-the-art, these models reflect the visionary and versatile brand’s philosophy in every way.

2020 Christmas Special

Christmas Special 2020: the gift of design

Christmas is on its way, and this year more than ever it’s best to avoid the last-minute shopping rush. It’s best to get on top of things as the public health crisis has imposed strict rules.