Chalet: warmth and light from tradition to modern design

Light and warmth in the most modern chalet of the Haute-Savoie, designed for two gallery owners from Paris.


999. A collection of questions on contemporary living at the Triennale di Milano

Do you have a home? But above all, who’s the boss at home? These (and many others, 999 to be exact) are the questions that are waiting for us at the Triennale di Milano from the 12th January 2018.


Designer radiators: streamlined heating

Ultra-flat, simple, colourful or almost imperceptible: the latest top of the line radiators have clean aesthetics, especially designed to blend with their surroundings, as well as decorating and adding character to any room.


A bathroom with the same feel of an exotic resort

Nowadays, the bathroom has become a haven for personal wellbeing, in which you can recall the magic of past adventures, fight-off the greyness of winter or simply dream of being in your very own home spa.


Rocking Nest Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn, the new foldable rocking chair

Without a doubt, the rocking chair presents the epitome of relaxation, it makes you think that you’re being well looked after. Its familiar feel makes any room feel more welcoming.