Bauhaus inspirations for the contemporary living room

The sofa is stripped of unnecessary frills and sets the style of our new contemporary living room. Crisp and clean, it goes for the brightest and jewel-like shade of shade of green to create an elegant feel, fit for the modern-day dandy.


Sei by Euromobil, the streamlined kitchen

The number six is the essence of this project. Sei is the latest kitchen designed by Marc Sadler for Euromobil and countertops, sides, shelves and accessories are all 6 mm thick...

Table settings

The ethno-chic table for an important occasion

Ethnic style is perfect for a fresh, chic table, especially if you’re entertaining. Inspired by the Orient, plates and trays bring to mind traditional hand-painted Raku ware...


A fresh bedroom in pure-white

In the centre of the room, a bed in pure-white, soft as a cloud, transforms the bedroom into a fresh, welcoming nest...

Special house of summer 2018

Holiday home special: smart designs for an all year-long summer

Ready for a summer of relaxation? August is approaching steadfast so we wanted to do something special for you, whether you’re looking to refresh the style of your holiday home, making it more comfortable, or you want to feel as if you were in an oasis...

Materials and innovations

The eco-friendly design icons are now in bioplastic

When a company starts its life with an eye towards the future, innovation invariably becomes part of its genetic makeup. This was true for Kartell, one of the most iconic brands on the contemporary Italian design scene that from 1949 has challenged and revolutionised the world of design. And it continues to do so.


The Hôtel Lutetia in Paris: the new interior design of the luxury suites

After four years of renovations, this famous five star hotel on the Rive Gauche in Paris reopens with an interior designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte and tailor-made furniture by Lema Contract.


The boutique hotel in the heart of the Navigli in Milan: Savona 18 Suites

It’s called “Savona 18 Suites” and it’s the new boutique hotel designed by Aldo Cibic, located in the heart of Tortona Design District, in the Navigli neighbourhood, in Milan. This boutique hotel is as intimate and welcoming as any home!

Best Choice

It’s time for a nap

Summer instantly makes us think of relaxing. So – although you might not have left yet – why not set aside a tiny corner so you can enjoy an afternoon snooze or feeling as if you were taking a short (or extremely long) holiday?