Living Special

Living room special: new ease

We have it all: modular sofas, cocoon-like armchairs, comfy chaises-longues and ultra-soft ottomans. The living room for 2017 is decorated with comfy seating and cosy snugs.


Set Table by Moroso, the versatile side table

Set Table by Moroso is fitted with a variety of different shelves and an easy grip handle, so you can take it from room to room...


A canopy swing seat for summer

A canopy swing seat, a slatted armchair and a side table to leave a drink and a book; this is all you need for your new outdoor living room.

Best Choice

Floors and tiles: material appeal

Without a doubt, floor and wall finishes are an integral part of any home, and there’s bound to be something to suit your personal taste and décor. But, how do you pick the right finish to complement your style?


Galerie44: near Lyon, vintage twentieth century design

Mid-century modern furniture from the 50s to the 70s in a showroom and warehouse with industrial charm.


In the Dolomites, local vernacular meets modern aesthetics

An attic apartment in the Dolomites where contemporary style and tradition meet.


Wallpaper: a new style update

Geometric, romantic, dreamlike or minimal; this is the latest in wallpaper design. However, go beyond just looking for the right pattern.


Sunbeds and deckchairs for summer

In summer, we can’t fight the urge to lounge in the sun, or sip a fruity cocktail under a starry sky...