The living room moves outdoors

An extra-long sofa, oversized armchairs, ottomans, coffee tables, large cushions and a carpet too: the living room moves outside to enjoy the summer weather...


NikolaTesla by Elica, multitasking kitchen hobs

These top of the line kitchen hobs have an integrated suction hood that doubles as a flame for a Wok as well as a scale, especially designed to weigh all your ingredients directly in the pot.

Best Choice

Alberto Meda in 10 projects

Six-time winner of the ADI Compasso d’Oro award, Alberto Meda is one of the chief Italian designers. Born in 1945, the industrial designer and engineer Alberto Meda is known for his constant innovation and experimentation...


Eclisse 40 Collection frame, the perspective of beauty

For the first time in history, a frame is transformed into a beautiful object. Archetype of the threshold, its understated, elegant aesthetic encourages you to cross thresholds and overcome barriers.


A hygge summertime, under a gazebo

An informal feel, a cosmopolitan appeal and a Mediterranean inspiration: our new outdoors is transformed in an oasis that bring to mind the sunny, Spanish islands...