World of accessories

Most Illustrious by Bosa, the portrait-containers of the greatest designers

Think about four distinguished names in the Italian design, imagine them together for a photoshoot and then look here: there it is, the (nearly) perfect portrait of Castiglioni, Mendini, Dalisi and De Lucchi. In 3D ceramics.


Pergola+chaise longue= summer oasis

A white canopy combined with several footstools and scatter cushions and hey presto: an oasis of calm that appears to have been especially made so you can spend your holidays here.


The latest home is designer

Haute-couture sofas, bedsheets as precious as nightgowns, gem household appliances and deluxe home accessories. The fashion brands marry design (the Salone del Mobile 2018 was a feast of fashion suggestions) and your home dresses with the stylist’s apparel, for a new mood prêt-à-habiter...


Lucerna by Ethimo, the perfect lamp for the outdoors

Whether it’s on a balcony, under a porch, in a corner of the garden… Lucerna, the rechargeable, portable lantern by Ethimo, was especially designed for the outdoors as it resists any atmospheric agent, thunderstorms too.

Best Choice

Colour, patterns and prints: 10 tiles for brightening up your home

10 styles of colourful tiles with geometric patterns, perfect for liberating our creative flair and brightening up the home.


The veranda is the perfect retro living room

Large windows overlooking the garden, several plants beside the “chilling area” and Bob’s your uncle: turn your veranda in the perfect summer-time living room.

World of accessories

Soirée by Guzzini, the hi-tech lamp that becomes a chic lantern

On the breakfast table, the side table, the terrace and what about while we are taking a stroll too: we cannot turn down perfect lighting. Soirée, the reversible lamp by Guzzini is the answer.


Penthouse in Milan: a modern design gem

A chair is the only thing you would need to look over the Duomo and the Torre Velasca, yet the two architects who live has turned this penthouse in their dream home!


The summer living room? White with a pop touch

The living room with candid walls aims on the “non-colour” and gifts us an atmosphere with a perfectly relaxed mood. Sofa, ottoman and carpet have butter coloured fabrics and play with the Nordic style...

Best Choice

Rainbow relax on the terrace: our favourite pieces

Multicoloured nettings with an all African flavour, harlequin surfaces in perfect Venetian style, strong coloured fabrics that screen the sun and sinuous matte coloured maxi ottomans...