A Glass House in Monferrato, from orangery to luxury residence

An old orangery was transformed by Piero Lissoni into an extraordinary, tiny glass residence, surrounded by beautiful hills, in an area known for its wine and truffles.

Best Choice

Decorate with tribal masks

This is what we have: a tribal mask, a naïf portrait, an irreverent face and a mysterious one. Inspired by traditional African prints and anthropomorphic silhouettes, the latest trend in home décor...

Lighting Special #19

Lighting design special: design lights up your home

Observed at Euroluce in April, the current lighting design scene is a magical world formed by poetical architecture...

Best Choice

A city picnic

Lunch is served with waterproof thermal bottles, storage as elegant as a clutch bag, bowls with integrated compartments and besides, wireless lighting creates the perfect feel, at dusk too.


A suspended bed for a dreamy feel

In your new master bedroom, the bed is transformed into an island of relaxation that appears to be floating in mid air.


Living in a box, from design to comics

The Castiglioni brother’s Taccia lamp in Diabolik’s apartment, the Butterfly Chair in Charlie Brown’s living room and Valentina by Crepax lying down on Les Corbusier’s Lounge Chair. Have you ever noticed that design icons are often found in comic strips?


Astro by Tubes, home-heating that purifies the air too

Partly fan-heater, partly air-purifier and astonishingly, a bewitching piece of furniture. Astro by Tube is a smart alternative to the old electric heater...

World of accessories

Pinocchio by NasonMoretti, fairytale vases

Do you remember the fairytale of Pinocchio, who transforms from a puppet into a... vase? By replacing wood with glass, Giulio Iacchetti has created a unique interpretation of Carlo Collodi’s iconic children’s character.


London: a luxury hotel in Scotland Yard’s historic headquarters

Scotland Yard, the historic headquarters of the most famous police force around the world, is converted into a luxury hotel with 153 rooms designed by Lema Contract.


Soleil by Campeggi, a deckchair with a tray

A bolster cushion that serves as a headrest, an armrest that doubles as a tray and an overall structure that folds easily. Soleil by Campeggi is a must-have for warm weather...