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2018 Christmas Special

Christmas Special 2018: my gift is design

Whether you’re writing an interminable Christmas that includes all your loved ones, or you’re compiling – in the hope that others might be more generous - your own list, stop for a second and take a look at our special feature.

Materiali e innovazioni

Earth according to Matteo: the archetypal matter

Pomegranate, Pomace, Cream, Coffee, Cinnamon, Face powder, Cameo... They are all evocative names that sound nice and that bring to mind ancient lands and natural moods. According to Matteo Brioni, they represent the colours of the earth...


A lightweight bookcase for the living room

Lightweight and oversized, our new bookcase takes centre stage in the living room as well as setting the tone for the rest of the style...


Chinook by Antrax, a totem pole that creates warmth

A spiral that climbs towards the top and creates necessary warmth, transforming a standard radiator into a modern sculpture that adds a personal touch to your décor.

Best Choice

The Christmas gift ideas of the top stores in Milan

For the lovers of design, the people who want to make a memorable gift, the type of gift that you treasure for the rest of your life, we’ve asked the top design stores in Milan to choose their favourite pieces.

Best Choice

The Christmas gift ideas of the top stores in Rome

We continue strolling around the main Italian cities for our Christmas shopping in the name of design. This time we have gone to discover what are the gift ideas suggested by the top contemporary interior design stores in Rome, the undisputed capital of beauty.

Home office

A contemporary study clad in wood

In warm wood, our new study is furnished with unexpected, unconventional pieces: in the middle of the room there’s an old-school desk, at the side there’s a footstool that resembles a suitcase and a coffee table that is literally an oversized pencil sharpener.


Jasper Morrison – Cappellini, 30 years of products (of design and successes)

This exhibition celebrates the thirty year-long partnership between the renowned designer Jasper Morrison and the most famous talent scout on the contemporary design scene. With the duo’s most significant products, it retraces thirty years of research and testing new ideas, constantly working on new products with an eye towards the future as well as a great friendship.


Scandinavian design in a villa with views over Lake Lugano

Scandinavian design, simple modern silhouettes and a soft natural colour palette for a scheme that combines warmth with harmony: this villa on the hills of Lake Lugano is the masterpiece of an Italian creative talent.