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Kids' room

A bedroom in sky-blue where order and relaxation rule

Antarctica is the main source of inspiration for this kid’s bedroom. A polar bear is spotted in the distance, next to silhouettes of icebergs and an igloo-shaped bed that seems to be floating on an ice slab.


Eva by Oluce, the lamp inspired by the eclipses

Light as matter; this is the idea of the emerging designer Francesca Borelli, who has successfully turned a table lamp into a luminous sculpture that brings to mind an eclipse.


Tweed by Unopiù, the living room collection for indoors and out

Summer is long gone and it’s high time to restyle your cosy snug. The perfect idea? Tweed by Unopiù, a sofa and armchair series that transitions from outside to inside with great ease. Plus, Tweed by Unopiù is also great beside a fireplace.

Best Choice

What’s the right door for your home?

Decorating and refurbishing your home isn’t just about picking new furniture and accessories or updating finishes and flooring. In fact, it’s also about finding the right type of door to complement your décor, by doing so you can refresh the walls and redefine the entire style of your home.


Silenzio by Luceplan, the sound-proof lamp

Who says that the sole function of a pendant lamp is to light a room? Silenzio designed by Monica Armani for Luceplan is much more than a conventional lamp: it’s noise cancelling and has great acoustics.

Best Choice

Swapping a bath for a shower, ideas and examples

The bathtub tends to be used as the centrepiece of a bathroom in modern-classic style: until not very long ago, there was a bathtub in almost every bathroom as it was considered the focal point of the entire room. However, in recent years we’ve been witnessing a reversal of trends.


Casa Fantini/Lake time, the new boutique hotel on the Orta Lake

A lakeside view, and a dream-like mood. This is what the new boutique hotel Casa Fantini/Lake time is all about, overlooking the Orta lake, right in the heart of Pella, the same town where the Fantini headquarters are located.


A modern kitchen with secret compartments

To the untrained eye it might appear to be a simple kitchen, but it's actually an extremely well-equipped space where elegance and function go hand-in-hand...