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Cersaie 2016

Cersaie 2016: a selection of the latest bathrooms, floors and tiles

Cersaie (the international tile and bathroom fixtures and fittings fair) has just come to a close in Bologna, Italy. And obviously, we were there to check-out the hottest trends and see what’s new in the world of bathrooms...


A light-filled long and narrow bathroom

A long and narrow bathroom with only one window could feel rather poky. However, with a few little tricks, you can turn it into a light-filled space and make it feel a lot more spacious. And there’s no need to give up on your comfort!


Fly by Bertocci, a new-breed of bathroom accessories

Versatile, crisp aesthetics and easy to install; this is Fly by Bertocci in brief. Fly by Bertocci is a new-breed of bathroom accessories, they are so versatile they won’t look out of place even in your study or entrance.

World of accessories

Lynea by Cordivari, designer accessories for your radiator

We are so used to shelves, towel racks and clothes stands being practical. However, at this years’ Cersaie we have spotted an entire series which has something more to give: real spacesavers which hook on the radiator.


Tactile tiles for three-dimensional walls

This is what we have: games of light, vibrant materials, three-dimensional surfaces and flowing patterns. The latest tile trend spotted at Cersaie 2016 brings together a hint of historic bas relieves and digital design...


The smartest washbasins are tiny and go anywhere

We’ve just got back from Cersaie 2016 with all the latest trends. Now, washbasins are tiny, compact and functional. We’ve seen them in almost every shape: rectangular, round and square...


Water Drop by Flaminia, a wave-making shower trays

Picture this: a pebble which makes concentric circles in a pool of water. And now, think what it would mean to have the very same effect in your own shower. Water Drop, the popular shower tray designed by Luca Cimarra for Flaminia...


A cosy bathroom with a natural vibe

A neutral colour scheme, diffused lighting, green accents and accessories in natural materials. Our natural vibe is inspired by tradition, a space where informal intimacy and a homely feel meet...