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2021 Christmas Special

Christmas Special 2021: gifting design

With Christmas around the corner, this year too we find ourselves faced with the usual challenge: the hunt for the perfect gift. Whether it is just something little or a big surprise, the gifts under the tree must tick lots of boxes.

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Low-cost ideas good for the soul and the wallet

Who says that you need to spend a fortune on an impressive gift? With a small budget and a few clear ideas, you can place lots of useful, beautiful and stylish gifts under the tree.

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Surprising design for the little ones

Playful, ironic, and cheeky, yet also practical, durable and clever, gifts for the little ones must have many qualities.

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Gifts for total wellness

When we think about our wellness, certain actions and accessories come to mind. Whether it is an enveloping perfume, relaxing music or a warm fabric, it is crucial that they feel like an embrace and transform each moment into an everyday pleasure.

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Eco-sustainable ideas for a green Christmas

With natural fabrics, recycled plastics, eco-sustainable materials and projects with a low-environmental impact, domestic wellness is focusing on sustainability.

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Turn on the Christmas lights

Christmas lights are romantic, poetic and surprising…or in one word, magical. It’s not Christmas without them.

World of accessories

Happy birthday, Alexa!

It’s time to celebrate the world’s most friendly voice: Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, who on November 6th turned three in Italy (and seven in America).


Lemni by Living Divani, the armchair as architectural art

Can a leather armchair surprise us with just one move? Of course, if it is able to combine architecture and design in a minimalist look, just like this artistic model made with a few curves.

World of accessories

Air up system, che gusto questa borraccia!

Can a simple water bottle turn into an enjoyable and tasty accessory? Of course, if neuroscience steps in and turns drinking water into a genuine olfactory experience made for our wellness.

World of accessories

Venini and Versace, haute couture glass

Venini and Versace are iconic brands, synonyms for stylistic and material excellence. They operate in two worlds, design and fashion, that pursue beauty with a capital B through innovation, traditions and quality. And these days they stand out together in the quadrilatero della moda in Milan.