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2021 Christmas Special

Christmas Special 2021: gifting design

| Designbest editorial staff


ith Christmas around the corner, this year too we find ourselves faced with the usual challenge: the hunt for the perfect gift. Whether it is just something little or a big surprise, the gifts under the tree must tick lots of boxes. They must be beautiful, practical, precious, versatile, unique and tailormade. And what if we focused entirely on the home in order to turn it into our new, personalized and luxurious refuge?

We have looked around the display windows (in person and virtually) and have asked the top designer stores for advice. The keyword has been emotions. So, here are the gifts on our wishlist: lights that create festive atmospheres, playful choices which please both the young and old, cheerful ideas, and gifts which are good for us, the environment and our wallets.

So, check out our Special. In addition to more extravagant ideas, we will present you with lots of suggestions to win over friends and family, create the perfect mise en place and bring the magic of the holidays into the home.

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