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Opens similarly to a Window: the latest radiator by Cordivari

The radiator Window by Cordivari combines a heated plate with a removable towel rack and in addition, it opens and closes similarly to a window.

Home heating special #19

Home Heating Special: designs for a warm home

Slender radiators, heated towel racks with integrated accessories, portable designs, the modern evolution of traditional electric heaters as well as smart designs that focus on energy efficiency...


The radiator Byobu by Antrax: heat comes with adjustable wings

The radiator Byobu by Antrax reinterprets the standard bathroom radiator, transforming it into a dynamic, interactive piece.

Best Choice

Radiators with accessories

Shelves, adjustable hooks, frames that transform into towel racks as well as tilted designs with a bold aesthetic. With integrated accessories, the latest radiators...


Electric radiators: design and innovation

In recent years, electric radiators have witnessed a steady rise in popularity, additionally influencing trends in home décor. Flat, portable, with integrated accessories and design-led. Do you need to know to choose the right one for you?


Astro by Tubes, home-heating that purifies the air too

Partly fan-heater, partly air-purifier and astonishingly, a bewitching piece of furniture. Astro by Tube is a smart alternative to the old electric heater...