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Home Heating Special 2018

Home Heating Special: tips and ideas to fight off the cold

Radiators, stoves, fireplaces, as well as blankets, carpets and accessories to fight off the cold. In winter-time, we like to be surrounded by those special things that come in handy when the temperature falls below zero, as well as those pieces especially made to keep us warm.


The freestanding fireplace is breathtaking

Right in the centre of the living room, a modern fireplace opens like a window and becomes the undisputed key player of the entire space, defining the ideal boundaries of the relaxation area.

Best Choice

7 award-winning ideas to fight-off the cold

What does some ultra-soft fabric have in common with an oriental-inspired kettle and three designer radiators? All of them are functional ideas to fight off the cold. These aren’t ordinary ideas. We have found 7 extraordinary pieces that will help us pull through the last days of winter!


Designer radiators: streamlined heating

Ultra-flat, simple, colourful or almost imperceptible: the latest top of the line radiators have clean aesthetics, especially designed to blend with their surroundings, as well as decorating and adding character to any room.


Osa Mirror by Unical, the mirror-effect boiler

Fed up of your old boiler? Then, it’s time to replace it with Osa Mirror by Unical. Osa Mirror is the latest slimline boiler by Unical, and its ultra-chic mirror finish won’t take up any space at all.


Trame by Tubes, the woven radiator

Undulated, soft, dynamic; this is Trame by Tubes in brief. Trame by Tubes is the perfect radiator to keep us warm throughout winter. It keeps radiating warmth even when it’s turned off, plus it looks like a woven jumper.


The right radiators create a warm environment

The Christmas spirit has started to fill the air, so we are ready to decorate our living room for Christmas. While the chaise longue and a many tea lights embrace us in front of the Christmas tree, radiators are used to decorated the walls and are dressed in festive colours...