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Home Heating Special 2018

Home Heating Special: tips and ideas to fight off the cold

| Designbest editorial staff


 adiators, stoves, fireplaces, as well as blankets, carpets and accessories to fight off the cold. In winter-time, we like to be surrounded by those special things that come in handy when the temperature falls below zero, as well as those pieces especially made to keep us warm. This is why over the last couple of months, we’ve kept an eye out for the most interesting pieces in home heating, as well as the latest products presented to the market at Progetto Fuoco, the international biennial fair on home heating that has just ended in Verona.

But that’s not all. We’ve found many different pieces that create additional warmth: the thermos flask that won the Good Design Award 2017, the well-equipped sauna, carpets that are almost real works of art, parquet flooring that create warmth and intimacy.

Take a look at our Special feature: several novelties to fight off the last winter days, smart ideas for a “hygge” home – perfect for the spring too – and useful tips so you can make a head start on the plans for next year.

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