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When tidying up is child’s play

This is what we have: an ottoman that turns into an extra bed, a desk lamp with a clamp that doubles-up as a pen holder, storage with colourful fronts that can be assembled in many different ways and a chest of drawers that helps children fold their laundry away.


Ring-O by Da a, the hoop swing

Do you remember the old rubber tires that as kids we used to hung from tree branches and use like swings? Well, Italian designer Saverio Incombenti was inspired by his childhood memories to design Ring-O for Da a...

Kids' room

Total white for your dream bedroom

We have to admit that total white is an unusual choice for a child’s bedroom, nonetheless one of great visual impact. White walls and furniture will turn your child’s den into a blank canvass, a space where rules and restrictions clear the way for fun and games.