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World of accessories

Connection Base by Moneta, the first interactive pot that identifies your preferences

Connection Base by Moneta, the first interactive pot that identifies your preferences What’s cooking? Today, your pot answers in the affirmative...

World of accessories

Confine by La Casa di Pietra, the sculptural elegance of marble

Heavy or light, solid or fragile, eternal or perishable: marble and cardboard are at the opposite poles. Although, when paired-up they are transformed into complementary materials, capable of designing the new aesthetics of everyday life.

Table settings

An everyday table with golden geometric lines

Geometric lines lit up by golden accents; this is the new contemporary tablescape.


Ordered elegance for this simple kitchen

Streamlined, clean and crisp, our new kitchen runs the entire length of the wall and with its wall-to-ceiling larder, it makes the most of the available space as in addition it acts as a partition between dining area and living room.

World of accessories

recipeBoard by Bello, this chopping board is actually an Italian chef

How much jowl bacon do you need for a plate of Amatriciana pasta? How many aubergines do you need for a plate of Norma pasta? If you need a hand in the kitchen, try asking this beech chopping board.


Valcucine refreshes its Berlin single-brand store

New Logica, Air Logica, Pensile Aerius and V-Motion are a few examples of the type of technology Valcucine puts on display in its recently renovated Berlin showroom.


Smart Steam by Candy, oven and steam cooker in one

A traditional oven is undoubtedly an essential appliance. As we are often restless, we have gone to look for the perfect oven with that extra oomph.

Table settings

Lay on the table the same colours and fragrances of a forest

For your winter table, it might be nice to reference the mountains and appease the palate with traditional recipes. So, what about creating the perfect feel starting from the tablescape itself?

Best Choice

Tiny appliances: our favourite chefs

In recent years, cooking has been increasingly more valued as an art-form and the “cooking challenge” is the latest trend in contemporary living. Although, it’s seldom as easy and fun...


An exposed kitchen with an oversized larder

Glass cabinets, worktop lighting and an oversized breakfast bar: the kitchen is transformed in a professional space that perfectly combines order and conviviality, detailed organization and total freedom.