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Kitchen Special 2018

Kitchen special: conviviality and innovation

| Designbest editorial staff


utting-edge hoods, hi-tech materials, fully-equipped kitchens and dynamic, convivial designs. A new, multifunctional area is at the heart of the kitchen; it focuses on style and innovation and blends into the main living area as well. But, how do you design a kitchen that suits all your needs? What are the top materials around? And the smartest designs? So, whether your dream kitchen is one that combines aesthetics with function or a versatile space in which you cook, eat, relax or entertain your friends, take a look at our special feature: there are many tips to guide you through the latest styles. Besides, there are many new design-led accessories and tiny utensils: so beautiful and practical, whether they are within reach beside them hob, laid on the table or displayed when not in use.

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