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Milano Design Week 2021: the latest releases

April has always been the month of design because it is synonymous with the Salone del Mobile Milano. This is also true this year, despite the forced postponement of the sector’s most important international event to an unknown date.

Best Choice

8 desks for 8 telecommuters

With the increase in telecommuting, desks have become the new stars of domestic furniture and have taken over every corner of the home.


The lift is a sensorial voyage Ad Hoc

The latest amazing proposal from IGV, a leading company in the creation and production of lifts, comes from a combination of technology, aesthetics and innovation inside a magical box.

Best Choice

The balcony is ready for summer

Amongst good weather and lockdown restrictions, city balconies and terraces have become must-have spaces, ones which you can carefully furnish and personalize.


Kasbah, the new outdoor sofa from Living Divani

A Kasbah is a safe haven and a place where one can enjoy quality rest and good company. And Kasbah is also the new outdoor sofa from Living Divani...

Materials and innovations

Argille, palpable ecology from Hdsurface

With its tactile surfaces that adorn the space with silk and velvet, soft natural colors and a textural design formed in the ground, on Earth Day we could not help but allow ourselves to be enveloped by the new releases from HDsurface fusing nature and art.


Argo by Talenti, the joy of being outdoors

Available in wood or interwoven rope, this collection provides comfort that speaks the language of freedom. Here is one of Talenti’s 2021 releases dedicated to the outdoors.


Mini Coupé by Oluce, a mini-icon

This iconic lamp from 1967 is a concentration of history, design and style. And now, presented on the occasion of Milano Design City 2021...


A luxurious welcome at Dom Edizioni

There is a 10 o’clock appointment at Dom Edizioni. It is just one of many this week, but you can tell there is something special about this one.


Totem by Euromobil, a bookcase to experience

Unique, practical, minimal and versatile, this is the bookcase of 2021. It is a genuine system made up of a few decisive details and a structure that allows for countless stylish interpretations.