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Nighttime Special #20

Nighttime special: perfect style for dreaming

| Designbest editorial staff


omfortable, welcoming, intimate and chic: when we think about the bedroom, we like to imagine a welcoming and private room; however, we also want one that is elegant, spacious, well-organized, inventive and, most of all, made just for us. It must be a nest that welcomes us with open arms and immediately makes us feel well, protected and relaxed. This is why we have chosen, amongst the many options, the most versatile and comfortable furniture to satisfy all of our needs without forgetting about style: from super-equipped beds that are true oases of relaxation to the coolest accessories for falling asleep, precious anti-stress fabrics and air-purifying wardrobes. Get inspired by our special with charming new releases that will have you daydreaming.

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