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Nighttime Special

Nighttime special: ideas for a dream bedroom

Relaxing, intimate and individual: bedrooms should be welcoming and extremely private spaces. A safe haven, a space where you can dream and express your own personal style...


A young couple’s bedroom in industrial style

Total freedom; this is the main theme for our bedroom, a great space with an informal, chilled vibe. We had a young couple in mind, starting life together in their first home.


New bed linen to fight off the cold

Winter is here again, and you need to be prepared to fight off these first chills with warm fabrics. We have something for everyone: soft cashmere blankets, lightweight silk duvets, flannel blankets and even a tartan blanket in real Scandinavian style...


Mate by De Padova, the timeless bedside table

Coffee table, tray and footstool; this is Mate by De Padova. Mate is a great asset in the bedroom, because it replaces a conventional bedside table. It serves us breakfast in bed and comes with us to the bedroom, so we can put our feet up in front of the telly.


A bedroom with an exposed closet

You might think it a challenging concept, but an exposed closet with everything in plain sight is also a really practical idea. Better though if you’re tidy!

Best Choice

Canopy beds: our top inspirations

In the collective imagery, canopy beds evoke romantic, sophisticated and princely bedrooms. And without any shadow of a doubt, this is an ultra-feminine territory. But, what if we said that canopy beds can also be for all you men out there?


Upholstered beds: even better with padding

All-embracing like a hug, cosy like a nest; this is what makes a great double bed. The perfect bed should also have a clean silhouette, which can turn even the plainest of bedrooms into a most relaxing and chic alcove.


9 beds with storage for that extra oomph

Is your wardrobe too small or your walk-in closet full to bursting? Don’t worry, the answer is very simple: you need a bed with storage. There are many different styles to choose from: single or double, in fabric or leather, padded or even with a built-in canopy...


Charles by B&B Italia, the timeless bed which makes us dream

Charles, the bed designed in 1997 by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia, is 20 years old, and it still makes us dream exactly as it did all those years ago. Since the nineties, Charles has steadily grown in popularity...