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10 ideas for a blissful night

Do you often lay in bed late awake at night suffering from insomnia? If so, we have come to the rescue. We have 10 different ideas, especially designed to help you get that shut eye you deserve.


7 exposed walk-in closets

Roomy, bright, dramatic and see-through; this is how our walk-in closets should be. We are on the hunt for something that feels just right, because it’s high time we changed out our closet from summer to winter stuff.


Cloud by Tempur, mattresses for a good night’s sleep

So, what’s the bed of your dreams? We think, it has to be soft with a “hugging” silhouette, a bed that cuddles you and supports your body at the same time. Just like Cloud by Tempur, a range of mattresses especially designed to usher in a good night’s sleep.

Best Choice

5 kids' beds which please also the parents

Let’s face it, decorating a child’s bedroom is also fun for the parents. This is especially true, if you go for creative themes: camping under a starry sky, a magical adventure in a castle, a tree-house...


Nathalie by Flou, a timeless bed

Iconic, timeless and chic; this is Nathalie by Flou. Nathalie is the iconic double bed originally designed in 1978 by Vico Magistretti for Flou, precisely the same year the brand was set up. Flash forward all these years later, Nathalie is still as popular as ever...


Ren by Poltrona Frau, versatile hallway furniture

Ren by Neri & Hu for Poltrona Frau has it all: dressing table, dumbwaiter, mirror, side table and wall-mounted coat rack. Ren has something for every moment of the day...


Rest in an open plan bedroom

A freestanding double bed, a small weather-beaten leather sofa, a brightly coloured coffee table and an old trunk, which treasures memories of exotic travels and adventures...