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Nighttime Special 2021

Nighttime special #21: dreams of design

The bedroom is the ideal refuge where we can allow ourselves privacy and intimacy while closing off the outside world.

Best Choice

New luxury in ten relaxing ideas

According to a study published by researchers of the Italian National Institute of Health in the magazine Scientific Reports, one in seven Italians sleeps poorly and three in ten don’t get enough sleep.


The extra-large headboard restyles the bedroom

A bed with an extra-large headboard is really trendy because it allows one to define the entire style of the bedroom with only one detail.

Kids' room

The kids’ room: 3 ideas for increasing space

When we say “kid’s room” we immediately think of the space that isn’t there and never will be. Whether it is long and narrow or wide and square, the room that encloses the world of our little ones never seems to be big enough.

Best Choice

Light in the kids’ room: our favorites

Small and portable, silly and fun, geometrical and playful, or minimal and practical: what are they best lamps for the kids’ room?


Dike by Maxalto, the bed that embraces us

The ideal bedroom must be enveloping, intimate, sophisticated and regal. In short, it must be as dreamy as this bed with its theatrical backdrop that turns the sleeping area into the perfect stage for rest and relaxation.


Comforting charm in the bedroom

Iridescent hues, smoky gray tones and graphical accents create a bedroom with delicate, enveloping and comforting elegance.