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Rafael by Ethimo, outdoor dining in style

With a new way of gathering around the table, in a style that is both natural and sophisticated, here is the latest in contemporary outdoor dining.


Suddenly summer in the white and blue lounge area

With organic forms that recall beach pebbles, large volumes that invite one to relax, white furniture that harmoniously brightens up the space, and the requisite blue brushstrokes explicitly referencing the sea...


Bell Chair by Magis, the elegance of recycling

Light, enveloping, eco-friendly: here are three words that describe this must-have chair for both the indoors and outdoors.

Materials and innovations

Recycled Grey: Pedrali’s sustainable revolution

“Think green” is Pedrali’s philosophy in launching Recycled Grey, its first collection of chairs completely made from 100% recycled materials.


Fire Table by Unopiù, the table to warm up the room

The age-old magic of fire, the timeless warmth of wood, and the versality of simple yet striking furniture.


The veranda is the perfect year-round living room

The woven-rope sitting area made for the outdoors moves to the veranda in order to create a relaxing and comfortable living room where one can kick back even during the coldest of months.


Panarea by Pedrali, the outdoor armchair that weaves style and tradition

The desire to escape; the call of the open air; the elegance of Mediterranean atmospheres. These have all given inspiration to Panarea the latest addition to Pedrali’s 2020 outdoor collection.