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6 mini pools for summertime

A mini pool is just what you need, if you want to make the most of your summer, even if you decide to stay in town.


Unopiù in 10 frames

Decorating the outdoors as if it were an integral part of the home; this is what inspires Italian brand Unopiù...


Wazebo by Kos, the outdoor shower cubicle

Especially designed for the outdoors, Wazebo by Kos is an elegant shower cubicle with a clean line. What’s more, Wazebo by Kos allows you to enjoy a rejuvenating shower surrounded by nature.


A mini-living room surrounded by nature

Two armchairs, a two-seater sofa, ice-cold drinks and lush greenery; this is what you need for your mini-outdoor living room...


12 outdoor showers

For summer 2016, showers leave your bathroom for sunnier spots, be it the poolside, garden or terrace...


Arianna by Zava, the lamp with cable reel

At a first glance, Arianna by Zava looks like a conventional garden hose reel. However, Arianna is a fun practical lamp, which can easily extend to garden and terrace, passing through bedrooms and living room. Plus, you can unwind or wind-up its cable to suit individual space requirements.