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Wake up and smell the flowers: 10 trends

Since Spring has started peering around the corner, romantic floral-themed shop windows are a huge hit.

Outdoor special 2015

Outdoor Special: Eden and the city

Summer is calling and design becomes a game to play outdoors. Unconventional silhouettes, organic shapes and a refined aesthetic: these are the key players this season. What's more, balconies, roof terraces and gardens can be transformed into snug corners; this is the stuff of dreams.


MalClapchair by Mal, the sundbed for design addicts

How can a sunbed become a cult object? By taking inspiration from the iconic Red Blue Chair designed in 1917… for a stylish time by the water.


The extralarge lamp brings daylight into your living

As the evening falls, the summers lights are on. The reading lamp, designed in large scale, is a truly center-piece: it casts its light upon the scene and our summer chilling.


Picnic, the lamp inspired by traditional Japanese lantern

Picnic is the newest lamp, designed by Davide Groppi. It combines the romantic vibe of Japanese lanterns with LED technology. It does not need a cable and brings a touch of magic to both outdoors and indoors.


Butterfly, your very own ethnic chic coffee tables

Butterfly is the new line of outdoor coffee tables by B&B Italia: simply elegant, extremely versatile and with endearing handmade qualities.

World of accessories

Basket, the flower box you can carry

Functional yet coquettish: this is Basket down to a tee, the newest flower-box by Fermob. Basket has a design inspired by traditional picnic baskets.

World of accessories

Net Light, a bright sculptural vase

Everyone knows that magic often comes out of a top-hat. And Net Light, this cylindrical shaped vase by Serralunga, is pure magic: it's both a lamp and a “green” sculpture, suitable for either indoors or out.