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15 special lanterns… for a summer filled with light

The magic aesthetic of lanterns sets the tone of the outdoor space. With their minimalist, unconventional design, the lanterns take center stage of our summer nights. They add a touch of romanticism and create light effects which will make for a perfect addition to any space, from small to large terraces.


Air, water and fire: this is what you need for your “all-year-round” cosy corner

An open-plan space between sky and water, masked only by a floor-to-ceiling glass façade; this is the ideal haven to be at one with nature. Be it summer or winter, a vintage chaise-longue is the right piece to sink-in and enjoy breathtaking view. What’s more, you can warm up the ambience with a fireplace placed right in the centre of the room: this is a sculptural piece, which gives a touch of style even when it’s turned off.


8 mini-pools which let you dive in a maxi-dream

Crystal-clear water is the perfect element for your oasis of well-being and total relaxation. Who does not dream of diving into the freshness of a mini-pool, with no need to share this moment with anyone else? Here you will find nothing but the best of them: inground or above ground, comfortable, luminous and hi-tech. Perfect for your moments of relax surrounded by the bubbles of a whirlpool, for your casual chats with just a few friends, or for a cuddling bath with your special one.


On the terrace, to enjoy summer in total freedom

A deep modular sofa in pure white: this is enough to turn your terrace into an ideal spot for summer chats. Loose yourself in front of a breathtaking view...


10 garden sunshades...with style

We definitely need a sunshade to enjoy the outdoors in total ease. However, not just anything will suffice. In fact, even shade can be redesigned with a sense of style...


Our kitchen moves outdoors

Our new outdoor kitchen is truly “portable”: this is our summer treat. This cooking range, which comes with many different gadgets can be tactically place under the porch, on the roof terrace or even by the poolside.


The urban living room

Summertime invites us to relax, and even our living rooms feel it's time to go outside. Sofas, armchairs, chairs and low tables easily move from the living room to the terrace...


Dive into well-being, between sky and water

A whirlpool bathtub, sun setting over a lake and a free-flowing living room. What more could you possibly need to sink into total relax? The warm feel of wood brought together with a refined glass façade.