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| Designbest editorial staff


hat is this? Cappuccina by Luceplan, is a bedside lamp with fabric shade and built-in led technology. Cappuccina redesigns the traditional table lamp, updating it for the modern home.

What is special about it? Cappuccina copies the design of traditional lamps, but adds a touch of genius: the adjustable lampshade can be removed as it's only resting on top of the frame. Underneath the shade, there is a globe in real glass, which can also be used as a stand-alone lamp.

How is it made? Lightweight stand in metal, globe in opal glass with led technology and fabric lamp shade.

Who is it by? Inga Sempé is a well-known Parisian interior designer, daughter of the renowned children's illustrator Jean-Jacques Sempé. Inga was brought up in a house filled with art and many beautiful things and this has inspired her own design work. Since 1993, she has designed many household items, which combine simplicity with extreme functionality. Inga Sempé on Cappuccina: “the bedside lamp is possibly one of the most difficult designs to revisit. The challenge is not to be boring and predictable. This is why I focused on a simple and clean aesthetic: I wanted to design an intuitive lamp which could also be seductive”.

We have chosen it because... Cappuccina is simple, spontaneous and intuitive; just like Sempè described it. It's not extremely technological, but you can remove its shade to suit your taste and needs. The lampshade is removed by sliding it across the glass globe. In simple terms: Cappuccina is two lamps rolled into one! 

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