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ristal by Molteni is a simple, ethereal and extremely lightweight piece. It gives us a fresh new perspective on a very traditional object: the glass cabinet. Kristal combines design rigour with a high degree of versatility,  suitable for both the living room and the bedroom. 


What is this? Kristal is a highly versatile glass cabinet with a refined aesthetic. Its design is inspired by walk-in-wardrobes, also extremely suitable for the living room.

What is special about it? We like this piece because it's light, airy and highly practical. Kristal is also a perfect room divider and its interior can be customized to suit any taste.

How is it made? Kristal is entirely made out of glass. Doors are fitted with an innovative sliding mechanism; concealed hinges free-up the front from unnecessary clutter. Vertical struts in anodized aluminium. The interior can be lit.

Who is it by? Dante Bonuccelli, an Argentinian designer who specialises in functional modular systems. In fact, Kristal is a striking example of this. Dante has taken a traditional piece and has updated it for twenty-first century living. 

We have chosen it because...  We like that it's inspired by the same style of cabinet which could be found in an old lady's parlour. However, Kristal has an avant-garde feel with a certain evanescence, which makes it extremely chic and contemporary. Kristal is a special piece which commands centre stage.

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