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| Designbest editorial staff


he traditional light-bulb inspires this project: an ordinary object made trendy. This is the thought process is behind Monument for a Bulb, the new table lamp by Ingo Maurer. Monument for a Bulb is an ironic take on a traditional concept. 

What is this? Monument for a Bulb is a unique table lamp, an ironic take on the conventional light-bulb.

What is special about it? Monument for a Bulb is a fun and bold piece. Now, the traditional light-bulb takes centre stage, shining in any room. An ordinary household item gets a much needed upgrade and becomes a real design master-piece.

How is it made?  It has a metal base and an energy efficient halogen light-bulb.

Who is it by? Monument for a bulb is designed by Ingo Maurer, a visionary designer who we could almost call “the light man”. His projects are without any doubt brilliant ideas which never fail to take us by surprise. Each lamp is a true piece of poetry, which, even when turned off, continues to evokes emotions.  

We have chosen it because... It makes us smile and takes us to a fantasy land where anything is possible. Monument for a bulb is all we need to update a study, living room and even a bedroom..

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