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endo will be in Milan at Museo della Permanente, from the 14th April until the 19th of the same month, with an unmissable exhibition: Nendo works 2014-2015. You only need to step inside this building to find yourself in an authentic wonderland. This exhibition is directed by Oki Sato, founding partner at Nendo. In fact, visitors will immediately recognise his unmistakable style by gazing at a contrast of solids and voids.

This large gallery space is decorated in total white. The exhibits on display, which number both iconic pieces and those which have never made into production, appear to be gracefully floating in mid air. On the ground floor, you will see many objects in both see-through and reflective materials; this space is intended to be pure and aseptic. Here, organic pieces with elegant silhouettes raise in the viewer a variety of different feelings and emotions. This space has a timeless feel. Minimalist objects in muted tones are enlivened by occasional subtle splashes of colour: versatile storage cupboards, mirrors with an ironic touch and coffee tables in various  shapes and sizes.

You will loose yourself in a unending game of light and and its reflections of the many glossy surfaces dotted around the room. This space comes to life as by magic. Your surreal journey will continue on both floors of the museum, passing through a skyline made of boxes, before reaching the top floor. Here, you will find a large collection of chairs, suitcases, unexpected redesigns of the conventional door, small accessories with a clear Oriental flavour and miniature sculptures made in chocolate. These last products on display appear to be almost chasing each other. And, this sums up Nendo's extensive production. 

Throughout the years we have had partnerships with a number of worldwide brands such as: Driade, Cappellini, Gebruder Thonet Vienna, Glass Italia, Lemnos, Moroso and Alias. The mood is both poetic and evocative and you will definitely leave with a sense of nostalgia. Nendo works 2014-2015: is like waking up from a dream; a dream of a dream!

When: 14 April 2015 -19 April 2015 / Where: Museo della Permanente, Milan 

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