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| Designbest editorial staff


his is a socially responsible project: fashion Made in Italy with an African soul. Plinioltre introduces a new line of socially conscious clothing and fashion accessories with a clear sartorial cut.

What is it? Handbags, scarves and various items of clothing made in a socially conscious way.

What is special about it? Italian fashion, handmade by the Milanese design studio Procaccini14. All items on sale are made by people with psychiatric disorders and individuals with refugee status. For example, the chief tailor is a political refugee from Somalia.

How is it made? Handmade pieces, all in 100% cotton.

Who is it by? Team led by Luca Baroni, main designer and technical advisor, Consuelo Granda, owner of the fashion house Procaccini14 and Abdullahi, tailor and political refugee from Somalia.

We have chosen it because... We admire the socially responsible aspect of this project. We also like its style: Italian pret-a-porter with an exotic twist. This is exactly what the fashion pack will need for summer. 

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