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| Designbest editorial staff


ise Men Mirrors are bold and unconventional mirrors, inspired by tribal masks and totems. Designed by Colé Italian, Wise Men Mirrors are more than just accessories; they hide our true identity and update the home with something new and unexpected. This is a winning idea!

What is this? Wise Men Mirrors are mirrors inspired by tribal art. They are bold and unconventional and have a strong visual impact. 


What is special about it? Wise Men Mirrors remind us of exotic journeys and faraway lands. This extraordinary piece can also serve as an interesting talking point. It main role: to reflect.


How is it made? Mirror mounted on a frame, available in either unvarnished or stained solid wood with brass detailing. Wise Men Mirrors come in two different styles: wall mounted and free-standing, supported by an iron stand.


Who is it by? Lorenza Bozzoli, a Milanese designer with an eclectic and futuristic style. She brings to the table a fresh and ultramodern perspective. What is her strength? To be inspired by different lands and cultures.


We have chosen it because...  We like that these pieces have great visual impact. Their bold and unconventional aesthetic is the result of combining different cultures and stylistic references. We can all have a unique sense of style by stealing little details from across the globe!

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