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The new face of Baleri Italia

Characterful new products put on display with the old, timeless icons, revisited under a new light and in a new colour palette. In occasion of the Milan Design Week 2018, Baleri Italia has come out with a totally new look...


The latest home is designer

Haute-couture sofas, bedsheets as precious as nightgowns, gem household appliances and deluxe home accessories. The fashion brands marry design (the Salone del Mobile 2018 was a feast of fashion suggestions) and your home dresses with the stylist’s apparel, for a new mood prêt-à-habiter...


Yoku by Effegibi, the new “naturally” modular sauna

We definitely need a rest after the trials and tribulation of the 2018 Salone del Mobile. And what better than a sauna to recharge? As long as it’s like this, it recreates the relaxing atmosphere of a forest and gives us a tailor-made anti-stress effect.


Poetic decors and extinct animals in the magic world of Moooi

The Salone del Mobile 2018 has concluded this year too with its installations and productions, leaving us suggestions, inspirations and memories of thrilling worlds. Out of those who captured us, our heart goes to Moooi...


Cri Cri by Foscarini, a lamp for a picnic... under a starry sky

Hot weather is officially here and our longing to spend time outdoors grows by the minute. As long as we have the perfect mood. Hey presto: with Cri Cri, the portable, foldable lamp by Foscarini, we can finally have that picnic date.


Canal by Riva 1920, a convivial table

At the 2018 Salone del Mobile, we noticed an abundance of new products... tables especially. Canal designed by Patricia Urquiola for Riva 1920 is a striking example, it has a central compartment for flowers, plants, accessories and nibbles.


Atoll di B&B Italia, il salotto che compone nuove forme dell’eleganza

It’s time to take a break after this year’s hectic Salone del Mobile. We have picked Antonio Citterio’s new sofa: because it’s elegance and versatility suit any type of decor.