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Flash by Davide Groppi, the lighting strip

Are you looking for a space-saving lamp with added drama? If so, Flash by Davide Groppi should be right up your alley...


BEST SOLUTIONS – A tiny convertible apartment in Taormina: 25 sqm for four

A raised bed which frees up necessary living room space, and a partition which turns into a table; this is the magic of convertible furniture.


AquaClean Tuma by Geberit, the innovative WC with bidet

Sleek aesthetics, cutting edge technology and real comfort are must-haves in any modern bathroom. AquaClean Tuma by Geberit is a striking example...


Camp Cot by Unopiù, a new daybed for summer

And who could have guessed that camp beds, traditionally used during military campaigns, would become the must have item for summer 2017...


Okome by Alias, a poetic sofa

What do you think might happen, if a designer the calibre of Nendo starts looking at stream pebbles? The answer is Okome by Nendo for Alias...


A cosy living room with a nest-like armchair

A chaise longue with a woven frame, inspired by a warm nest; this is perfect for an intimate cosy snug. This is what you'll need to get out look: armchair and carpet in the shades of the sky and a coffee table in pure-white, the ideal combination for enjoying a good book.


A hidden kitchen

The ongoing trend is for an open plan kitchen-living room; this creates a large social space. Our new kitchen goes beyond purely copying the overall living room decor, it’s hidden in plain sight, becoming an integral part of the furniture.

Home office

Let your imagination run wild in this study

You can turn a simple study into a truly inspiring space just by adding a few key pieces (comfy and in pure white) and some smart accessories...


A light-filled long and narrow bathroom

A long and narrow bathroom with only one window could feel rather poky. However, with a few little tricks, you can turn it into a light-filled space and make it feel a lot more spacious. And there’s no need to give up on your comfort!