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Ambiente Trends 2019 - Messe Frankfurt  8.-12.2.2019

| Designbest editorial staff


ndoubtedly the highlight of the entire event, Ambiente Trends is an exhibition/ event set up especially for Messe Frankfurt by Ufficio Stile bora.herke.palmisano, who are specialised in researching and creating the most bewitching, refined styles and mood-boards on the international scene.

How is contemporary living going to evolve in 2019? What direction is it going take? How are the professionals in this field going to satisfy the client’s needs for personalised products? There are three main trends in the fields of design, architecture, art and fashion that in varying degrees, are capable of finding an answer to the questions above.

“Tasteful residence” for example, references timeless elegance. It focuses on superior quality handmade products and one-of-a-kind pieces that act as a catalyst for the beauty and the identity of everyday spaces, often neutral too.

The trend referred to as “quiet surroundings” revolves around the idea of a secret hiding place, intrinsically linked to the simple, soothing beauty of nature with soft nuances and a texture inspired by natural elements.

And last but not least, “joyfilled ambience” focuses on an informal approach that nonchalantly mixes colour with an ability to combine objects and moods in an original way.

It’s definitely worth a visit. In addition, there’s an audio guide – in English and German available through the App Ambiente Navigator -  that guarantees you a full immersion in the latest trends, offering at the same time precious information as well as inspirational schemes for showroom display.

The event couldn’t be complete without a comprehensive brochure with the key concepts, the top colours in a Pantone reference booklet and a description of the materials. This is an extremely practical tool that should always be on the desk of the professionals in the field of home-décor and interior design.

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