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Ambiente Academy - Messe Frankfurt  8.-12.2.2019

| Designbest editorial staff


ow has the consumer market evolved in recent years? What tools do you have to create a bewitching showroom in the digital age? What part does social media play in retail?

At Ambiente, the answers to these questions are in the conference area of Pavillion 9.1 D 90.

Planned for all the five days, events and talks with expert professionals highlight the new, emerging trends and the strategies available to update retail techniques. The focus is on the following themes: customer touch points, the customer’s journey, omni-channelling, the evolution of and the new features in the world of social media, product placement as well as multichannel strategies.

Let’s take a day-by-day look at Academy. On the 8th February, the conference The future of retail – Omnichannel Retailing in the digital world opens the event series. The innovation strategy director and the author of The Retail Handbook,Anthony Welfare accompanies the public in the digital world, proposing ideas and practical suggestions to create a faithful custom-base.

Frank Levita takes the lead on the 9th February – the national e-commerce manager of the firm Fissler GmbH as well as the founding member of the online store design3000.de. A pioneer in the world of e-commerce, Frank Levita illustrates the different strategies as well as the practical tools available in online retail. Besides, he is going to illustrate in which direction the retail sector is shifting in order to remain vital and competitive.

Last but not least, the event planned for the 10th February, Big ideas in small places – strong concepts for spatial richness. The topic is one of great interest, especially for the people who are convinced that 'the independent store ' is destined to disappear in the digital age.

This is not the case. With the right design and well-planned emotional strategies and experiences, independent stores have interesting opportunities for development and success. Javier Guzmán Benito, the architect and owner of Zooco Estudio, illustrates the way in which it’s possible to expand the customer-base of independent stores.


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