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Bredaquaranta Special

Bredaquaranta, 10 years in the name of design

Via Breda 40, Sesto San Giovanni: this is where Bredaquaranta’s story started (as well as where its name comes from), a young yet established multi-brand retailer that started ten years ago precisely in this street...


Bredaquaranta: from zero to ten

10 years is a remarkable milestone for a company. Davide D’Avico, the owner of design brand Bredaquaranta, is visibly proud that his company is celebrating its tenth anniversary.


Happy Birthday Bredaquaranta

17 April 2018: Bredaquaranta, the interior design store that started as a small local business and is now the benchmark for the whole industry, is 10 years old...


Bredaquaranta’s showrooms

6 showrooms located in the centre of Milan. This is Bredaquaranta, a young multi-brand retailer (it’s the brand’s tenth birthday this year) that nonetheless, has already taken its rightful place on the contemporary design scene...