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Cersaie 2019: Famous Bathrooms

| Designbest editorial staff


rom the Beatles to Coco Chanel, from Le Corbusier to Leonardo da Vinci, from Piet Mondrian to Maria Callas and Sigmund Freud: there’s an exciting new exhibition, held in the pavilion n. 30, inspired by the bathrooms of famous personalities.

Here, we are in the sixties, the age of pop-art, the miniskirt and long hair. How do you think the bathrooms of the kings of pop would have been like? Colourful, psychedelic and fun. This is the spirit that animates Famous Bathrooms, an exhibition that puts on display bathroom interiors, loosely inspired by personalities who have played a crucial role in shaping ways of life as well as the worlds of fashion, science, art and music. This itinerary begins with Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance and concludes with the icons of the 20th century.

The two curators - Angelo Dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli – have chosen an unprecedented exhibition format, halfway between an art exhibit and a standard fair event. All the sets/ bathrooms are decorated with a selection of top-quality pieces, in distinctive Italian-style. Effortless as well as clever, this cultural interlude additionally serves as a source of inspiration, practical too, for the people who are looking for the bathrooms of their dreams.

Similarly to past editions, this year too Cersaie is held in partnership with Bologna Design Week. In the centre of the city, in the Quadrivio in the Galleria Cavour, there is going to be a “portal” that references the exhibition and its content.

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