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Techno-decor: dazzling details

The scene is lit up by iridescent pixels, sparkling patterns and metallic tiles. The latest tile trend focuses on brass, copper and metal, creating unexpected, shiny decorations...


Le Reverse Elegance by Kronos Ceramiche: the stone-effect total-look

From floors to walls, from bathtubs to washbasins, every surface is clad in the same material: Kronos Ceramiche’s (seen at Cersaie) new, sartorial total-look is inspired by the extraordinary effect of natural stone and creates full-immersion settings.


Liquida by Ceramica Fioranese: fun mixtures for dynamic scenarios

“Liquid”, dynamic and flexible. This is the latest collection by Ceramica Fioranese that with retro decorations and earth tones, you are able to lay in endless fashionable ways. Including a spectacular wallpaper effect.

Cersaie 2018

Cersaie 2018: a date with the latest trends, from bathrooms to tiles

Cersaie, the tile and bathroom fair of the city of Bologna, is a showcase for the latest in the field. We couldn’t resist the opportunity for a sneak peak and we were greeted by special effects, designer nuances, natural moods and vintage-inspired backdrops...


A metallic-inspired home

Shimmering surfaces, iridescent effects and oxidised reflections: metallic-inspired, the coolest new tile series dazzle on floors and walls.


Arga by Jacuzzi, a revolution in the world of wellness

As everybody is undoubtedly aware, baths have a reinvigorating power. And what power does a bathtub that transforms into a spa have? We’ve discovered it at Cersaie 2018: a revolution in the world of bathtubs, Arga takes your dreams to another level.


Circle Wall by De Castelli, the circular metal tiles

Metallic glare and perfect geometric shapes, relief patterns and shining nuances. What are we talking about? Of a new brass tile series (presented at Cersaie 2018) that adds a high-fashion touch.